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CARs in stock

Renault Megane

€7900 (LT)
152131км 1461см3 (Diesel/81kW) / Manual
Manufacturing date: 2017-02-23

CARs in stock

Ford Mondeo

€7800 (LT)
229002км 1997см3 (Diesel/133kW) / Robotic
Manufacturing date: 2016-04-13


Cars from Europe

Services for the selection, purchase and fitting of cars from Europe to Lithuania, Belarus, Russia. Transparent pricing, an individual approach to each client.

Free consultation

We will advise and help you choose a car for your needs and budget. We will provide support at all stages from the purchase to registration.

100% Guaranteed

We sell cars only from the first owners (leasing, companies, banks, large firms). All machines come with a guarantee of the declared technical condition and history.